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Frequently asked questions

What feature of the product does the size of the electric pipe indicate

The size of the pipe is actually the diameter or the cross section of the pipe, which numbers are usually in millimeters, for example, steel pipe 13 is actually a steel pipe with a cross section of 13 mm or 1.3 cm.)

Are all electric pipes fireproof

PVC and UPVC electrical pipes are made of materials that are fireproof and are produced in different dimensions and sizes. In general, pipes made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) have the characteristic of being fireproof and have good resistance to fire and high heat.

How are cold bending PVC pipes used since they have little flexibility

By using a spring that is placed inside the pipe, it is easy to bend the cold bending pipes to the desired position. These pipes are highly resistant to shocks and pressures due to the material used in their construction

What is a polyca tube

Plica pipe is actually the UPVC pipe, which is known by the name of its first producer in Iran and has remained the same name. Polyca pipes are gray in color and do not rust or rot. Although this pipe is made of non-flexible PVC material, it has a very high resistance to breakage.

What is the main difference between cold bend and hot bend PVC pipe

Cold bend PVC pipe is actually the same UPVC pipe that is non-plasticized and hard, and less flexible than hot bend PVC pipe. The hot bending PVC pipe becomes very flexible after heating and bends to the desired position and has high durability.

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