types of bushen

What is Bushen?

Bushen  types:

A bushing is a metal piece that has a thread inside, whose first and last edges are chamfered for welding. Both sides of this connection are female ribs and they are both equal and transformative. The conversion type is made of cast iron and connects pipes of different diameters.This part is available in two types of plastic (PVC) and metal (galvanized and brass).

brass bushing:

The lengths that can be produced are 5, 7 and 10 cm sizes.

brass bushing

Types of Bushes:

This connector is used in electrical wiring. The shape of the part is cylindrical and it is produced in metal and plastic form. The connection of this type of bushings is rib or screw and welding.

Cerebral Bushen:    

This type is in the form of a screw that is equipped with a nut on one end that is placed outside and is used for connecting pipes like other models. They are used for equipment that has a thread. The material of this part is made in different types such as galvanized, metal, UPVC and also made of polypropylene.

Plastic bushing:

When we want to connect two pipes with different diameters, we use this type of bushing, which is usually used in installations and piping systems for water and sewage, as well as for electrical cabling. Because they have high strength and resistance. This model is also called an increaser and a reducer, which are important in voltage and current transmission lines. They have a long life, they are resistant to rust, and their cost is lower than other bushings.

plastic bushingBoiled Bushen :

When they want to change male and female in the construction and industrial industries, they use this type of bushing. Its steel type is one of the most widely used and is welded to connect two pipes. Its electroplated sample has also been produced. There are different types such as: steel, steel, seamed, high pressure and manisman.

Bushen Pelika:

There are two types of polica bushings, one is flat and one has a brake. Various sizes of this bushing are produced such as 63, 90, 110, 125, 160 and 200. This type is also one of the most widely used bushings in domestic and urban sewage industries, gas transmission lines, water supply lines, and telecommunication uses.

Types of metal bushings:

Simple bushen:

It connects pipes with the same diameter that are in line with each other. It is made of cast iron and has a cylindrical and hollow shape. It has ribs inside, and this makes the pipes connect to each other.

Topic bushing:

Ropitch and hub bushings are similar to simple bushings, the only difference is that the ropitch and hub bushings are ribbed inside and out, when one piece from the inside and one piece from the outside are connected and have ribs, this bushing is used.

bushen conversion:

To connect pipes that have different diameters but are in line with each other, a conversion bushing is used, which itself has two heads with two different diameters and is made of cast iron.

Bushen Pressed:

It connects five-layer pipes of equal diameter, non-equal diameter, congruent and non-congruent. In its construction, a steel ring is used instead of a nut, which is pressed during the installation of this ring and creates a safe seal.

Types of PVC bushings

One gear bushing:

They are used to connect PVC pipes to galvanized or PVC cans, as well as polycarbonate distribution boxes. They make it possible to connect PVC electrical pipes to the electrical panel. This type of bushing is easy to install, resistant to rust, and has a more reasonable price than galvanized bushings.

Bushen double-headed flat coupler:

Repair flat bushing is used when there is very little space but there is a need to increase and create new branches and it is used to repair fractures.

The advantages of using Bushen:

It is a suitable alternative to welding for connecting pipes to each other. If the pipes are connected by welding, it will be very difficult to replace them when they are damaged in any way. But the bushing makes the connection easy and therefore it is a useful piece in building construction. They have the ability to withstand high pressure and are resistant to heat and cold.Like PVC pipes, bushings are also produced in various factories and companies. Your duty as a buyer should be such that you weigh all aspects in terms of product quality, price and support while buying and then buy with confidence. We observe these aspects during sales for buyers and our customers will have our support after purchase. We provide the following numbers to contact Bamik Engineering Group consultants.

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