elbow of electric pipe

Electric pipe elbow is an important connection for electrical pipes, which is used in every part of building wiring.

The electric pipe elbow has an important application in bending the electric pipe. The elbow is used to connect two pipes at a ninety degree angle.

Advantages of using electric pipe elbow

The first thing that is examined and planned by the engineers after the construction of the building is the electric pipe and its connections, the reason why the engineers choose PVC electric pipe is because of the many advantages of this type of electric pipe, the pipe joints like the elbows of the electric pipe increase durability. , strength and security of the building. And since the characteristic of the elbow of the PVC electric pipe is that it is non-flammable, it is widely used in wiring.

In general, PVC pipes and PVC fittings, such as electrical pipe elbows, are non-flammable and fireproof.

Other advantages of the electric elbow , such as the PVC pipe itself, are resistance to chemicals, resistance to electric currents, reasonable cost of transportation and installation, etc. which optimizes building plumbing projects.

Types of electric pipe bends

There are different types of elbows, each of which has different uses according to the quality of the materials that make it:

Short polyamide electric elbow

Polyamide electric elbow (one long head)

UPVC cane electric elbow (one long head)

Short uPVC electric elbow

The most important thing in the use of electric elbow is that the Poly Omid electric elbow should not be used for PVC pipe. For each type of pipe, the same type of elbow should be used.

Short polyamide electric elbow

Polyamide electric elbow is produced only for the use of polyamide electric pipe because it is flammable. Both sides of this type of elbow are of the same size and 4 pins are installed inside it to hold the electric pipe better.

Polyamide electric elbow (one long head)

This elbow is also short like the polyamide elbow , with the difference that one side is long like a cane.

Polyamid’s elbow braces are produced in sizes 13 and 16, which are stick-shaped, and size 21, which are short.

Short PVC elbow

Both sides of this elbow model are the same size and made of PVC and fireproof.

Its design is such that it can be used with all standard electric pipes available in the market. Sizes 13, 16, 21, and 29 are produced by hand, and for the production of higher sizes, they are created by injection with automatic machines.

UPVC cane electric elbow (one long head)

 The same characteristics that we mentioned for the elbow of the short UPVC electric pipe are also present in this pipe. The only difference between this elbow and the same elbow is that one side is long and they are produced manually in sizes 13 and 16.

Various materials are used for the production of electric elbows and like electric pipes, they have a high diversity such as material, quality and color. The important thing is that you should know some points about electric pipes when buying electrical pipe elbows and buy these products from reputable companies. Currently, Bamik Engineering Group is selling PVC electrical pipes and elbows related to these types of pipes, you can contact us if necessary.

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